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Forex Crm By Fintech Solutions

This saves you from the hassle of maintaining records manually and promise higher accuracy than manual methods. We offer innovative solutions which far exceed the requirements of the finance industry. Our solutions are engineered to stand the rigorous use of professional trading. Plus, he can define roles of individuals and give certain account related rights. With simple integration & elegant UI makes it super easy to get our CRM started for your brokerage. LaunchFXM is the trade name of The Liquidity Software Solutions Limited. We provide certain services like Forex White Label, Company formation, License service under the company name.

Finovace always delivers cost-effective solutions so that our client will receive a better experience without spending more. Forex brokers can customize this FinoCRM Lite product as per their business models and also optimize it for their procedures.

  • Streamlining the special requirements and needs of unregulated companies and provide in depth services to help brokers with their banking needs.
  • Revolutionary technology empowering concurrent / non-concurrent (b-book) and hedging competency.
  • Flexibility of configuration across individual pairs, authorizing white label acquirers the capability market risk assessment and management.
  • Your personal management at hand with Apexums suite,manage each role performed by each department whether its financial or compliance, employee or client, you have the benefit of control.
  • Capacity of multiple aggregated liquidity streams as well as private liquidity pools that are distinctive suiting any brokers trading needs, style, and preferences.
  • Know your customer processes are a central part of all client management.

The combination of a strong CRM core system along with Trading Platform Integration will make the difference. Combining Trading Platform Integration and customizing Business Logic Rules of can make a pretty powerful retention tool for Forex Brokers. It may be useful if the broker offers multiple base currencies or multiple account types. If the trader was previously approved by the broker the account will open instantly without requiring a secondary broker’s approval.

The Financial Paradox Of Owning A Home

The best and the most popular professional Forex/Crypto trading platform White Label solution tailored specifically to your brand. We have a team of 30+ dedicated developers that are working on B2Core improvements and new features and we are always open for client wishes. All you will need to do is to give us a technical description of what you want and our team will take care about the implementation and your personal account manager will keep you posted about the release dates. Allow your clients to protect their account and all the data there by simply connecting to Google Authenticator. Instantly send funds to a trading platform in order to avoid margin calls and stop outs thanks to our deep integration with flagship trading platforms. A financial technology provider with cutting-edge aggregation software, ultra-low-latency connectivity, institutional grade hosting solutions.

forex broker crm

When it comes to trading on your broker’s platform and using its features, we encourage responsible behavior among all the users and traders. Our “responsible trading policy” calls on traders to protect themselves from emotional decision making that can result in unnecessary losses. Ready pre-integrated reliable system, multiple trading platform integration.

They send the missing/pending documents, which will be uploaded straight to the client’s profile in Salesforce and associated with the lead from Devexa’s dialogue. Therefore, all regulatory, legal and compliance issues and activity concerning the broker or software client of finovace is entirely under the responsibility of the them. TripleForex is a group of expert broker consultants here to guide you and help you in setting up your own Forex business. Since its advent, TripleForex has advanced with the sole goal in mind – to assist other Forex Brokers in realizing their dream and making you the expert that your heart always yearned to be. Know the most important Forex CRM features to look for to grow your brokerage in 2020.

Forex CRM is a flexible CRM system developed exclusively for Forex Own Brokerage Company who are dedicated to a higher level of Customer Experience. A cost-effective solution, Forex CRM can be customised to your exact business model and be optimized to match your existing procedures. Our FinoCRM Lite solution helps you to manage all of your clients, trading accounts, transactions, reports, partners, leverage requests and more. So you will receive one-stop-solution for all your Forex brokerage business operations without spending much. Xcore bridge, helping mt4/mt5 brokers by providing straight-through-processing from trading platforms to Fxlinked liquidity pools, allowing brokers to access deep liquidity and stream prices to their client base.

The Vanuatu financial services commission is the entity responsible for regulating and supervising the financial industry in the country. Our solutions have been built to grow as your business grows from a 5 person company to a 500 person call center driven business. Using the initial momentum to develop the solution further as to sell into large enterprises, setup multiple brands and other financial institutions, it became a game changed for the company. The company trained hundreds of salespeople using the CRM and installed a full customer success department, at a click of a button.

Leading Crypto CFD liquidity provider based on market research with 100+ trading pairs. As a Forex broker, you’re continually looking for new clients and ways to increase trader retention. Finding new leads is hard enough, but keeping clients engaged is even harder. With the right tools you can build a frictionless customer experience. Kenmore Design CRM is a toolbox you need to thrill customers at scale, help them help themselves, and expand the base of happy customers who advocate for Your Brokerage. A lot of Data.The System provides access and state-of-the-art tools to and analyze the databoiling it down to parameters vital for your success. An ever-increasing number of pre-built Visual and Numeric Reports offer you much needed insight.

Seamless Integration

Misplacing any confidential and important information of your client can be proven very harmful for both, you and your client. Consider this scenario for a minute your sales team gets a lead after putting so much effort into it, and for some reasons, contact information of the client gets misplaced. You stand exactly where you were even after spending your resources for that. That would leave some negative footprints for your business for sure. To setupyour broker with updated trading software, MetaTrader 5, you can choose this package.

forex broker crm

It focuses and fine-tunes your marketing strategies to make your efforts more productive and will result in saving money as you are not spending your resources after individuals who will not fall in your customers’ list. FX CRM also enables you with powerful analytic and reporting tools that are not there in stand-alone systems. Lastly, it becomes easier for sales, marketing, and customer support people to speak the same language using Forex CRM software. Dedicated management team whose sole focus is to deliver every broker prime liquidity streams, elevating brokers with optimum flow. Efficient and affordable solutions available to start a Forex brokerage company from the broker’s point of view. Stable, independent and politically free jurisdiction by the organization for economic co-operation and development.

Quick DeploymentWhen CRM is a part of a package solution, the deployment process is quick and clean. Using the Microsoft Dynamics plug-ins functionality allows us to develop and/or acquire already developed out-of-the-box solutions for CRM 2011. Microsoft Dynamics is the best solution in the market today for Intech CRM solution and Integration tool since it’s based on the Microsoft .Net Framework. All product, logo and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders.Use of them is not intended to violate any company norms.

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By using our FinoCRM Lite product, brokers will receive all-in-one business solutions for every trading option that they want to execute in their brokerage. The one-stop Internet brokerage customer management tool has greatly improved the overall operational efficiency of Internet brokers, greatly reducing the R&D and maintenance costs of self-built IT systems and teams. Estonia based Metatrader platform services and technology company Brokeree Solutions has announced that it is partnering with Israel based forex broker CRM solutions specialist Skale.

Customer Relationship Management is a technology that allows you to manage all your client relationships efficiently in one place. It allows for efficient organization of contacts & leads, a better understanding forex broker crm of client activities, and improves not just staff productivity, but also overall sales. Clients can check their application status directly via the digital assistant, omitting the broker’s support desk.

By usingSkale Forex CRMRevenue Management Platform the client has been able to provide innovative trading technology, superior dealing performance, and exceptional customer service throughout its customer’s journey. Forex CRM Platform – the skale technology stack is finance-specific and designed to support customer acquisition,sales and management. Easy connections to email services to quickly analyse data and the ability to send emails to existing B2Core clients. A customer Cryptocurrency wallet management, verification confirmation and ticketing system for your support service which also includes many other useful features. Allow your clients to verify their accounts before conducting any financial activities on the platform. cTrader is Spotware’s flagship trading platform solution developed by Spotware and a brand trusted by millions of traders worldwide. CurrentDesk is a complete broker management platform with a CRM system built specifically for brokers.

forex broker crm

Establish a brokerage company via securities and future commission, Hong Kong.Providing and advising every step needed to maintain and sustain your brokerage. Broker must incorporate as a Vanuatu international company in order to apply for a Vanuatu Forex license.

This holds good for your sales and marketing team more than any other. Now that we have understood what a CRM is and the need for a forex CRM, let’s list the top 8 important features of a forex brokerage CRM. Devexa can deliver the information from Salesforce that can be disclosed to clients and craft a personalized response depending on the actual status.

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Intech CRM is also integrated with Mass Mailing, Affiliate Management and Lead Screening Systems. We’re currently in the process of migration to CRM 2011 and enhancing the product integration with the Trading Platform, Phone & SMS Integration. For Forex Retail Brokers, CRM technology is crucial for the success of a Forex brokerage, both small and large, and will help to grow the business, reduce costs and retain existing customers.

With the help of an integrated Forex solution, you can provide your clients with superior service standards and offer them complete peace of mind. We are a premium broker solutions provider, dedicated to delivering a wide array of innovative solutions and services that enable Forex brokers and financial institutions to minimize risk and maximize broker’s profit.

We have specifically developed our package solution so that potential clients can find the best fit for their business. A new generation of professional software that helps brokers and exchanges manage their customers, admins and IB-partners in one place. Connecting data from all platforms, CRM providers and systems into one control center helps you make more effective business decisions. You own your sales strategy while the CRM provides all the tools you need to unify all of your marketing channels.The system comes packed with all the tools you need to track and convert.

Advanced dealing and risk management settings are designed to increase the revenue from the trading flow. Deposits, withdrawals, instant transfers and everything you need for the ultimate trading experience with B2Core. We have already onboarded many industry leaders with our cutting-edge technology! We deliver one of the deepest liquidity pools for FX, Metals, Crypto and CFDs.

Choose from our wide range of bespoke solutions designed for whatever type of financial business structure is required including brokerage, exchange and wallets. Our core products are spearheaded by our dedicated team of engineers delivering ground-breaking solutions to FX/Crypto/Securities brokers and Spot/Margin exchanges. Whether you’re an existing or aspiring forex broker who’d like to offer the MT4 trading platform, we offer is a 360 degree front end and back office solutions. Fulfill all your KYC, AML and other compliance needs by collecting customer documents and storing them in your Forex CRM. Thereafter, automate all approval processes by delegating these tasks to your compliance team.


In addition, integration of Data and Sales Management solutions make it unique tools. It helps in organizing and keeping the path forex broker crm of sales and customer details. We are industry experts in the field of MetaTrader 5 solution development and platform servicing.

Apexum supports any business models and processes desired within a broker, providing multiple jurisdiction and currency specific features to suite any financial industry worldwide. Apexum develops a solution that is tailored to specific needs, fulfills the highest standards of security, a PSP which is economical and can be integrated seamlessly. Apexum offers a broad spectrum of credit card acceptance contracts, banking services and innovative prepaid products. Apexum helps ensure efficient, secure, transparent international payment processing.

Seamless integration with MT4/MT5 trading platforms allows you to generate simple yet precise reports based on trading statistics, transactions, balances, leads, revenue, dividends, and much more. Given that the forex trading market runs purely on data and that the data for each individual differs crypto wallet at various levels begs for a more intricate form of CRM. With several players in the market, forex brokerage as an industry in today’s world is an extremely competitive and very demanding one. This makes it not just essential, but definitive for any forex brokerage to have an efficient forex CRM.